New kits for Scanners and Shortwave radios

I've been ramping up on building kits for vintage scanners and shortwave radio's. There was some great gear put out during the 70's and 80's that could still be used today. With the limited life span of electrolytic capacitors, there is a high probability that some of this gear is not working due to some dead capacitor. See links below;





  • Thanks for the apostrophe tips, I’ve always struggled with placement.

    Klondike Mike
  • jeez, Louise…dat’s a Plethor of Parts, dere.

    kewl. even have ‘em for the rf-4900, which I JUST might try to purchase in a “NON-WORKING” condition;
    I figure..I recapped a Samsung SyncMaster oncet, this’s prolly similar. except for maybe the alignment ‘cause
    everything changes…but hey, it’s edumacational. and an INexpensive edumacation at that.

    As with many many websites, I guess the theory is we won’t wanna see the next page until
    we’re done with THIS one…when we’ve SCROLL SCROLL SCROLLED all de way to de bottom.

    Not true. Depends on what we’s lookin’ fer, and your sub-lists I only found on the NEWS pages..
    so…howzabout (or is there already) an index by manufacturer?

    and perhaps a PREV / NEXT page option also at the Top of the page….

    I’ll tell ya, though, s’gotta be dedication. An’ prolly profitable as well, but thanks for
    putting this all together, perhaps I’ll check your world map..

    And, YES, Virginia, ya gotta put ‘em in properly, er else. Just takes practice, practice, practice.
    And patience, patience, patience. And it STILL might not work, but then you won’t know
    that until yer done. Ha.

    Izzit “worth it”? Anything that gets your brain in gear…is golden.

    Thanks for making it possible to save some great old gear.

    oh…sowwy…I’m a grammar Nazi…; ya don’t needs an apostrophe fer ‘RADIOS’, s’just a plural,
    same as for Scanners. Or capacitors.

    PS…you…uhhh…don’t happen to do Repairs, do ya?Found a guy in northern MI but shipping is a BEAR…

    [yes. I write in scream-of-consciousness mode, always. I have ADD. Itza blessing and a curse…]

    pps I observe that text here is non-copyable….or it’s my wonky PC / mouse….

    terry bakowski

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