About us

As a radio hobbyist since the seventies, I came to the realization that these/my old radios were having problems and that electrolytic capacitors were often the culprits. There are many of them in vintage radios. The Cobra 2000 was my first patient and it was time consuming sourcing the parts needed. There were a few local electronic parts suppliers back then ... now??

These components have a limited lifespan of 15-20 years. When they go, any numerous amount of conditions will occur. A highly trained repair technician will quickly diagnose the condition and locate the defective capacitor. A good technician will not stop there and give you back your radio. They will (should) replace ALL ($$$) of the electrolytic capacitors in the radio because most likely they have exceeded their intended lifespan. They do not want an angry customer returning the following week with the radio because another electrolytic went bad ... or maybe they do? Mmmm.

Most of us are not highly trained repair technicians. Troubleshooting quickly and efficiently requires skills and proper tools. Lacking this, we can get lucky most of the time by doing a wholesale replacement of all the electrolytics to solve many a problem.

This is where my kits come in. I've done the research in identifying what components are needed in the radio. I source tier 1 components from major North American distributors. I buy capacitors by the thousands every month, so they are fresh and haven't been sitting on the shelf for years. No Chinese counterfeits will be found here. This phase takes a lot of time that you may not have (or want to do).

For some radios I include additional documentation to assist in the replacement of the components. Some radios get values that are changed to improve the operation of the radio. All kits include electrolytics with voltages ratings which are higher that what the radio came with (usually greater than 25v). This is a good thing! All kits are provided with a shopping list of all the components included (via download linked PDF). Details are provided within each listing.

I live and ship my kits from Edmonton, Alberta in Western Canada. Good luck with your re-cap!