Realistic TRC 457 / 458 electrolytic capacitor kit (Deluxe)
Realistic TRC 457 / 458 electrolytic capacitor kit (Deluxe)
Realistic TRC 457 / 458 electrolytic capacitor kit (Deluxe)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Realistic TRC 457 / 458 electrolytic capacitor kit (Deluxe)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Realistic TRC 457 / 458 electrolytic capacitor kit (Deluxe)

Customer Reviews

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Gary Prososki

It,s nice to have all caps for a recap without spending time researching to get all thats needed. one stop shoping.

steven b

Great seller, great product.

Rich Kozacek

Got what I bargained for!!! Just wish tatalums came with it as well!!! That would complete the kit!!!! Very happy!!!! Thanks for putting together such an easy kit!!!!

Just what I wanted

I got this mint looking TR 457 and I wanted to restore it. I discovered the power supply caps were bad so I decided to recap the whole radio. Klondike Mike has put together a good kit. I have done three other radios and KM kit is the best in my opinion.

Howard Sansome
Very satisfied!

... the capacitor kit was exactly what I ordered, price was fair, quality seems good, not like the Chinese counterparts, and shipping was fast.
Thank you .

Realistic TRC 457 / 458 electrolytic capacitor kit (Deluxe)

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Electrolytic capacitor kit for Realistic TRC-457/458,  + many more ...


This kit is built for radios using the PC-196BD, PC-196AA and PC-346AA main boards. All of the radial capacitors in this kit are rated at 25v or better, which meets or exceeds those specified by the manufacturer. A higher rated component means that it will last longer in your unit. Some vendors are even including 100v or even 200v capacitors in their kit! See note at bottom of this listing as to why this may be a detriment for a radio that can be powered by 12v.

These capacitors are from Tier 1 manufacturers with no counterfeits. A link to down-loadable instructions will be provided. This kit includes 55 components in total.

The capacitors will be packed in a thick walled plastic envelope that is nicely labelled. The plastic envelope has a hang hole so that it can be placed on your workbench peg board. This plastic envelope will then be placed in a cardboard re-enforced bubble mailer to make sure it arrives safely at your location. I will also include a label that can be placed inside the radio identifying that new electrolytics have been installed. Restore your radio back to its original glory with the proper kit!


The following brands used the board PC-196XX, w/µPD858 PLL in their top of the line models. All of the main boards are identical. 

Courier Centurion PLL
Courier Spartan PLL
Fanon Fanfare350F
Ferris SSB 5000 / 5500
Gladiator PLL
Midland 79-893
Palomar SSB500
Pearce-Simpson Cheetah
President Adams
President Grant (Early)
President Madison (v1 & v2)
President Washington (Early)
Realistic TRC-449
Realistic TRC-457
Realistic TRC-458
Robyn SB510D
Robyn SB520D
Stag 357
Teaberry Stalker 101
Teaberry Stalker 102
Teaberry Stalker 202

Due to inaccuracies in manufacturers documentation and undocumented revisions by same, this kit may not be a perfect match for your radio. It will be close but there is the potential that your radio may have one of these undocumented inaccuracies of which I am not responsible for supplying any after purchase additions or replacements.

** The buyer is fully accountable for proper installation of these parts. Any damage to a radio due to improper installation is the responsibility of the buyer. **

Payment: All payment options accepted.

Shipping will be calculated depending on your destination. US destination approx. $7.75 w/USPS Economy, $10.95 for a tracked package. Select "Standard" or "Expedited" for a tracked package. Worldwide destination approx. $22.00 Standard. Canadian destination $18.00 w/Canada Post. Depending on your location in Canada we may be able to get a better rate. Any shipping discounts achieved will be refunded. No insurance or tracking with Economy service. I will combine ship multiple item purchases and refund any remainder.

Sales Tax & Customs Duties: International customers are responsible for any additional customs duties, charges, or tariffs applied at the time of delivery.

Quote from:

Robert Kollman, Senior Applications Manager, Texas Instruments
Power Tip 50: Avoid these common aluminum electrolytic capacitor pitfalls

"This life-temperature dependence actually impacts how you should derate the voltage on the capacitor. Your first thought might be to increase the capacitor’s voltage rating to minimize the possibility of a dielectric failure. However, doing so can lead to a capacitor with a higher equivalent series resistance (ESR). Because the capacitor typically has a high ripple current stress, this higher resistance leads to extra internal power loss and increased capacitor temperature. The failure rate increases with the increased temperature. In practice, aluminum electrolytic capacitors typically are used at about 80% of their rated voltage."