Uniden Madison / Teaberry Stalker XX (PC411AD) electrolytic capacitor kit
Uniden Madison / Teaberry Stalker XX (PC411AD) electrolytic capacitor kit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Uniden Madison / Teaberry Stalker XX (PC411AD) electrolytic capacitor kit
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Uniden Madison / Teaberry Stalker XX (PC411AD) electrolytic capacitor kit

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Christopher Chubb
Uniden Madison / Teaberry Stalker XX (PC411AD)

Mike has done all the homework for you; makes, models, right down to how many in a kit. Hands Down! no one better on Ebay. I am a repeat customer.

Tim Ellis
PC411AD Madison

Arrived here in Cornwall UK took a little timme but to be expected.
Delighted with the items good quality and clear instructions.
I've fitted the kit and I'm in the reconstruction phase.
I would recommend this kit to anyone, the service is good

Renae G.

Good to purchase from, fast shipping , came earlier than stated.

Uniden Madison / Teaberry Stalker XX (PC411AD) electrolytic capacitor kit

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Electrolytic capacitor kit for Uniden Madison, Teaberry Stalker XX and Pearce Simpson Super Bengal MKIII (PC411AD)

The board number that this kit has been built upon is PC411AD. If your radio has a PC411AA
main board, notify me in the comment box when checking out. This is because the component list for a PC411AA board has 7 more capacitors. All of the radial capacitors in this kit are rated at 25v or better, which meets or exceeds those specified by the manufacturer. A higher rated component means that it will last longer in your unit. These capacitors are from Tier 1 manufacturers with no counterfeits. A download link to detailed installation instructions will be provided. This kit includes 41 components in total and does NOT include any capacitors for Export (UK) FM board.

*** Note: ***

There were multiple versions of this radio that were released over the years. This kit is based upon v4. If you have v1 or v2, you will need to buy my kit for the Realistic 457. There are some small differences and some easy ways to tell which version you have.

The first generation of Madison's carried the President Label and used the 858PLL. They had three LED's under the channel display. This model also had the four pin microphone jack.

The second generation also carried the President Label, used the same inside components but added a channel 9 button and a fourth LED for the channel 9 indicator under the channel display. It also added a PA feature on the squelch knob.

The third generation was the first Uniden Madison, it utilized the MB8719PLL and had the rotary clock. The Uniden Madison's had a 5 pin microphone jack.

The fourth and last generation Madison was also made by Uniden but used a digital clock in place of the rotary one. This is the one that this kit has been built upon. The board number of this model is PC411AD. There may be differences internally from the first three editions of the Madisons, if there are any different or additional capacitors, this kit does not include those. Visit links below for visuals;


The capacitors will be packed in a thick walled plastic envelope that is nicely labelled. The plastic envelope has a hang hole so that it can be placed on your workbench peg board. This plastic envelope will then be placed in a cardboard re-enforced bubble mailer to make sure it arrives safely at your location. I will also include a label that can be placed inside the radio identifying that new electrolytics have been installed. Restore your radio back to its original glory with the proper kit!

** The buyer is fully accountable for proper installation of these parts. Any damage to a radio due to improper installation is the responsibility of the buyer. **

Payment: All payment options accepted.

Shipping will be calculated depending on your destination. US destination approx. $7.75 w/USPS Economy, $10.95 for a tracked package. Select "Standard" or "Expedited" for a tracked package. Worldwide destination approx. $22.50 Standard. Canadian destination $19.00 w/Canada Post. Depending on your location in Canada we may be able to get a better rate. Any shipping discounts achieved will be refunded. No insurance or tracking with Economy service. I will combine ship multiple item purchases and refund any remainder.

Sales Tax & Customs Duties: International customers are responsible for any additional customs duties, charges, or tariffs applied at the time of delivery.